Beautiful and pure. Japanese fruit tastes wonderful!

Japanese Fruit

Here are some of the most delicious fruits and the best places to eat and buy them.

Melons:Yubari Melons(HOKKAIDO)

One of Japan’s most famous fruits, a bounty of Hokkaido’s natural landscape. The melon’s soft orange flesh melts on the tongue, while the sweetness, mellow fragrance and juiciness captivate the heart.


A major luxury strawberry, originally developed as Japan’s best. These elegant, beautiful strawberries are unusually large with a deep red color. Biting into the soft flesh releases a burst of sweetness that matches the luscious appearance.


These luxury cherries are often compared to red gemstones because of their glossy luster and the careful production. The firm flesh and refined, rich flavor define the taste of early summer.


One of Yamanashi’s main peach varieties. Large with a lovely light pink skin and soft white flesh, these peaches are juicy and mildly sweet.


The skins of these large, seedless dark purple grapes gently slide off, making them easy to eat. A sweet, rich fragrance spreads through the mouth while the juiciness makes you want to slowly savor every grape.

Japanese Pears:Nijisseiki Nashi(Japanese Pears)

With an attractively round shape and clear yellow-green color, these pears have a crisp and crunchy bite. A slightly acidic sweetness spreads throughout the mouth.

Apples:Sun Fuji(AOMORI)

The popularity of Sun Fuji apples lies in the balance between a full, honey-like sweetness and a fresh tartness combined with a pleasant crunchiness. These apples keep well.


Fuyugaki are large, sweet persimmons with a soft and mellow taste.This popular variety, known as the King of Persimmons, is rich in vitamin C and fiber.

As Souvenirs

Here are the fruits that can be taken overseas from Japan as souvenirs depending on the destination country and region.

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Export Inspections

Depending on your destination country or region, an export inspection may be necessary when taking fruits from Japan overseas as souvenirs.

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